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5 Reasons Why Realtors Should Hire Real Estate Home Stagers in Miami and Dubai

As seen on HGTV Property BrothersRegardless if the real estate market is up or down in Miami or Dubai, when selling a home, there are two factors that must be implemented to ensure a quick sale: 1. Price it right and 2. Instill the WOW factor.  Real Estate Home Staging provides Realtors with solutions in selling homes at the very best price in the least amount of time.  Real Estate Home Staging uses marketing strategies along with interior redesign conceptualization techniques in order to produce that WOW factor. Realtors want potential buyers to walk in and view a property as their home. The buyers can envision raising a family, living, entertaining and growing old there, and are willing to pay top value for it.

As a Realtor how many times have you seen a property that is visually unappealing, has too much furniture, has cracks in the walls that need fixing, needs cleaning or painting, has dreary lighting or is so bright you need sunglasses? The lawn hasn’t been mowed in months and the flowerbeds are filled with last year’s debris. Clutter is everywhere; there is no warmth; and maybe it even smells odd. How often have you spent endless hours trying to get the property in some semblance of order just to sell it at a rock bottom price? How much time and money has this type of property cost your bottom line?

Buyers and real estate investors are turned off by a property that looks this way. Potential buyers certainly won’t pay top dollar for it, or even bother to put in a bid at all. If you ask a real estate investor what they remember about the property a day after they view it, they may remember the multitude of colors, the cramped space with too much furniture, and personal items were everywhere, or perhaps they won’t remember it at all.

Here are five excellent reasons why Realtors should hire the services of a Real Estate Home Stager or why they should take a home staging course designed for Realtors – all of them ultimately increasing your bottom line.  Real estate home staging:

  1. Increases the Value of the Home: A well staged home has proven to sell for asking price or higher.
  2. Increases Curb Appeal: A stager uses their skill and expertise to position the home to look and feel its best inside and out.
  3. Increases the Turnaround Time of the Sale of the Home: According to studies a staged home sells 78% faster than a non-staged home.
  4. Increases the Return on Investment: A Realtor will make more money from the property sale and recovers the cost of real estate home staging and more!
  5. Decreases the Time a Realtor Spends Marketing the Home: A real estate home stager revitalizes the interior of a home, ensuring it is easy to maintain, enabling the realtor to focus on the negotiations of the sale.

Contracting a real estate home stager is a great investment and Sterling Home Styling can help any relator with all their home staging needs in Miami, New York, L.A. and Dubai.

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Sterling Home Styling combines image consulting with home staging, interior redesign and interior styling services to provide ‘sterling home styling’ services for residential spaces and new or vacant luxury condominiums, homes or real estate developments in MiamiNew YorkLos AngelesSan Francisco, and Dubai. The company offers a broad range of services enabling its clients to realize the true selling potential of their home, improve its marketability, and realize a maximum return on investment.


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