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The Benefits of Working with Sterling Home Styling

Sterling Home Styling’s services focus on harnessing the true selling potential of your home through professional styling, staging, and interior redesign. We will improve the marketability of your property so that it will sell faster and maximize your return on investment. We utilize proven strategies and techniques to dramatically improve the visual appeal of your home and create a first impression that will immediately capture the interest of a broad range of potential buyers.


Our stress-free process is centered on the creation of a customized action plan for styling and staging your home based on your target market and includes the following options:


  • In-Home Consultation ~ Listening to client needs and goals is a top priority for Sterling Home Styling. Our in-home consultation will provide a detailed analysis of your property with itemized recommendations and priorities. You can decide if you would like to implement our suggestions on your own or allow us to provide complete staging services to further reduce your workload and stress.
  • Comprehensive Styling and Staging Service ~ Once your home has undergone an initial evaluation, we will create a customized plan for a complete interiors styling and staging of your home, addressing everything from de-cluttering, color palettes, lighting and room layout, to furniture and fixtures, accessories, and décor.
  • Loan Arrangement and Shopping Services ~ Sometimes a property can greatly benefit from the addition of new pieces including furniture, lighting, and wall, window, or floor treatments. Sterling Home Styling can manage all aspects of the selection, delivery and installment of loaned furniture and accessories. In addition, we also offer shopping services for hard to find items that will give your home that special touch that sets it apart from the rest.
  • Virtual Staging Services ~ With Sterling Home Styling’s virtual staging services, distance and geographic location are no longer barriers to making your home’s first impression count. After conducting a virtual in-home consultation through a video call using Skype or a similar program, we provide you with a comprehensive plan of action including style tips, shopping recommendations and space planning ideas – all expertly laid out in detail so that you can easily execute the designs yourself and at your own pace.
  • Photography Staging Services ~ A picture is worth a thousand words. Our photography staging services will make sure your home’s photographs speak volumes by creating spaces they will want to live in with appealing and beautiful vignettes that spark emotional connections with potential buyers.


The Sterling Home Styling process begins and ends with listening to and meeting the needs and goals our clients. Learn more about the services we offer by visiting the following links:


About Sterling Home Styling

Sterling Home Styling combines image consulting with home staging, interior redesign and interior styling services to provide ‘sterling home styling’ services for residential spaces and new or vacant luxury condominiums, homes or real estate developments in MiamiNew YorkLos AngelesSan Francisco, and Dubai. The company offers a broad range of services enabling its clients to realize the true selling potential of their home, improve its marketability, and realize a maximum return on investment.