The Process


Sterling Home Styling offers a broad range of home staging, interior redesign and home styling consulting services enabling you to harness the true selling potential of your home, improve its marketability, maximizing your return on investment. Our integrated and comprehensive process begins with a thorough needs assessment – providing us with an understanding of your goals, budget and time-line for your home styling project. Upon review of the assessment form, Sterling Home Styling will send you a customized proposal to meet your specific needs.
In deciding to engage our services, the process begins with either an in person or video Skype initial assessment of your home and a consultation with our recommendations. Should you decide to have us implement our recommendations, Sterling Home Styling efficiently executes the following three step process in order to produce a strong first impression which immediately captures the interest of a broad range of potential buyers or redesigns your living space into a beautiful work of art.

1 What’s your color inspiration ?

Identifying your color inspiration is an essential part of the Sterling Home Styling design process. Selecting the ideal color scheme for you depends on your goals – are you selling or redesigning your home? When redesigning your home, we consider your desired ambiance, lighting, layout and use of the space to take full advantage of each room’s potential. It is also important to consider the overall flow and look of your home, using colors that complement rather than compete with each other. Strategically placed touches of color can add visual interest and change the atmosphere of an environment.

2 What’s your style inspiration ?

Defining your style inspiration also plays an important role in redesigning an environment that reflects your personality while also taking into consideration each room’s use and purpose. Sterling Home Styling interprets your personal style into interior redesign and styling recommendations from paint, fabric to furniture. Once we have established an understanding of your style preferences, we implement our detailed, room-by-room analysis of home improvement suggestions that may include space planning concepts as well as sourcing furniture, art and accessories to help you get your desired look. When staging a home, it’s best to select pieces with wide buyer appeal. Strategically arranged pieces can communicate a strong message to sell the function and focal point of the room if photographed properly. We use photos as inspiration, much like the ones featured here, to establish the message you want your property to communicate to ensure its sale.

3 How to get the look ?

Upon determining the color scheme of your property and your style preferences, Sterling Home Styling can transform your home to reflect your unique individuality. Our home styling and interior redesign services will help you get the innovative look you envision with objective design expertise and dedication to extraordinary results. When staging a home, we take a simple approach to color and style, while strategically placing items to showcase the property’s best features and create a look with wide buyer appeal.

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