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Wardrobe Consultant and Interior Closet Design Services

Wardrobe & Closet Design Consultant | Sterling Home Styling MiamiDo you struggle each morning with deciding what to wear? Are you stuck in a pattern of boredom, choosing the same tired outfits day after day? If so, then it’s time for you to get out of your fashion doldrums and apply a fresh eye to your wardrobe with the services of Sterling Home Styling.

Our Wardrobe Consultant and Interior Closet Design services are available in Miami and LA to provide a personal closet analysis and wardrobe audit that will allow your distinctive style to shine through. We will develop strategies to assist you in dressing with intention and creating a visual impression that speaks to who you are both personally and professionally.

Our process includes getting to know your preferred style and goals so that we understand how to help you create the look you want. Our wardrobe and closet design consultation will include:


  • Interview session to analyze the overall space and determine your personal needs and goals based on various elements of your lifestyle including shopping and dressing routines. Personal solutions vary from straightforward reorganizations to complete closet redesigns.
  • Comprehensive wardrobe audit including color analysis and closet review to evaluate and categorize your entire collection of clothing, shoes and accessories based on cut, color and design to provide a thorough understanding of your inventory.
  • Wardrobe de-cluttering and clarification to determine what is and isn’t working for you based on your personal taste and lifestyle. This simple but powerful change is an important first step in your wardrobe makeover.
  • Analyze your existing closet lighting, storage and layout to create a beautiful, organized and streamlined sanctuary that will have you looking at your closet in a new light. We take a holistic approach to space planning aesthetics to provide you with a closet uniquely designed around your wardrobe and accessories that is easily managed and adaptable to changing needs.
  • Developing strategies to assist you with filling existing wardrobe gaps and identifying core pieces to help you project an image that reflects your personal style.
  • Showing you how to “shop your closet” to create looks blending new and existing pieces to consistently reflect your style and image. We well help you understand the basics of function, fit, style and color to coordinate your clothing and accessories to cultivate your own personal style.




Feel more confident and stylish, and discover hidden treasures in your own closet with our Wardrobe Consultant and Interior Closet Design services. Allow Sterling Home Styling to make sure that you are getting the most from your closet with invaluable strategies for updating your wardrobe to make a statement about yourself and the image you want to project. Contact us today to schedule a Wardrobe Consultant and Interior Closet Design consultation and turn your wardrobe into a powerful tool with a closet that is both beautiful and functional for you and your lifestyle!