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How to Choose the Right Colors for your Home

Color consultation is an essential part of the Sterling Home Styling design process. Color can either make or break a design. The right color scheme will help pull all the elements together in a space. That is why learning how to choose the perfect color palette for yourself is so important. Choosing what color schemes are right for you depends on your personal style goals as much as the layout and use of a room, as well as the lighting to take full advantage of each room’s potential.

Color can affect our mood – blue can be soothing, red can be energizing – and make spaces feel more intimate or make smaller areas of your home seem more spacious. It is also important to consider the overall flow and look of your home, using colors that complement instead of compete with each other. At Sterling Home Styling, your goals, budget, preferred color scheme, and preferred interior décor style are all considered in the planning of your environment.

Client involvement in the process is very important to us. Sterling Home Styling begins each project with an assessment of your needs and a personal consultation to discuss your goals, likes and dislikes, and priorities. We will help you discover your color inspiration and provide a plan for using color theory throughout your home in a natural and balanced way to improve the overall ambiance of your home. From flooring options to furniture and lighting, your choice of colors and color combinations have the ability to make an impact on your home’s look and the feelings you want each room to evoke. A few simple touches of color can add visual interest and atmosphere to an environment.

About Sterling Home Styling

Sterling Home Styling combines image consulting with home staging, interior redesign and interior styling services to provide ‘sterling home styling’ services for residential spaces and new or vacant luxury condominiums, homes or real estate developments in MiamiNew YorkLos AngelesSan Francisco, and Dubai. The company offers a broad range of services enabling its clients to realize the true selling potential of their home, improve its marketability, and realize a maximum return on investment.