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Interior Decor Tips: 5 Things Your Draperies Say About Your Personality

Like your wardrobe and like any other aspect of your décor, the draperies you choose for your home’s windows do tell people something about you. They reflect on your tastes and personality in different ways. Certain drapery styles can indicate a relaxed and laid-back personality, or they can suggest that the person who hung them up prefers to be in control. The important thing is that they project your personality and personal aesthetic accurately. Here is a look at the different things that your draperies can say about you:

  1. That You Take the Aesthetic Elements of Your Home Seriously

Draperies are not the first aspect of home decoration that most people contemplate. All sorts of things tend to come before window treatments, like furniture and flooring or even the types of light fixtures that are installed. Window decorations tend to be viewed as more of a finishing touch, the cherry atop the proverbial sundae. When you take care to ensure that your draperies play a key role in the rest of your room decoration, you are showing people that you are invested in how your home looks and feels. Draperies do play a major role in a room’s aesthetic. Just as the right choice can be the glue that binds all the other elements together, the wrong one can make the rest of the décor seem disjointed.

What Your Drapes Say About Your STERLING-HOME-STYLING

  1. That Your Sense of Style is Well Defined

Your draperies can display your love of modern design or your preference for baroque décor. They can directly impact the tone that you want to set in a particular room as well as show off your tastes in design.

  1. What Type of Personality You Have

Draperies can be a good indicator of personality in that certain personality types tend to opt for certain drapery styles. For example, a cornice can help you to create a formal and businesslike décor. For a more easygoing and informal look, you may want to consider shorter lengths and lighter fabrics.

  1. That You Stay on Top of the Trends

Like everything else, drapery styles are driven by trends. Having out-of-style draperies is like wearing acid wash jeans or sporting high-top sneakers. Unless you want your home to feel like it belongs to your grandmother, you will want to choose the right elements. This means carefully selecting your fabrics and hardware as well as paying attention to your pleating. These things change according to trends about as regularly as every other aspect of your home’s décor.

  1. That Your Environment is Important to You

Draperies show your attitude to your environment in two ways: 1) your cleaning and dusting habits, and (2 your consciousness about which materials are eco-friendly and which are not. If your house is dusty, your draperies will show this quickly and clearly whereas cleaning regularly will ensure that they are kept clean and dust-free. Your options when it comes to natural and environmentally friendly fabrics include materials like linen made from flax and organic cotton.

Regardless of the color or style that you choose, it is important to recognize that draperies contribute more to your décor than just covering your windows. Your draperies along with the associated hardware can greatly influence your home’s atmosphere and tell the world about your priorities.

Jessica Kane is a professional writer who has an interest in interior design and home decor. She currently writes for Designer Drapery Hardware, a leading vendor of all types of drapery hardware such as rods, finials, and brackets.

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