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SHS MontageSterling Home Styling’s services in Dubai focus on helping you realize the true selling potential of your property through professional home styling, home staging, and interiors redesign. We will improve the marketability of your Dubai property so that it will sell faster and maximize your return on investment. We utilize proven strategies and techniques to dramatically improve the visual appeal of your home and create a first impression that will immediately capture the interest of a broad range of potential buyers.

Our process begins with a comprehensive assessment of your needs and goals from which we create a customized action plan for styling and staging your home based on your target market. Our home styling services include the following options:

In-Home Consultation in Dubai ~ Listening to client needs and goals is a top priority for Sterling Home Styling. Our in-home consultation will provide a detailed analysis of your property with itemized recommendations and priorities. You can decide if you would like to implement our suggestions on your own or allow us to provide complete staging services to further reduce your workload and stress.

Comprehensive Home Staging & Styling in Dubai ~ Once your home has undergone an initial evaluation, we will create a customized plan for a complete interiors styling and staging of your home, addressing everything from de-cluttering, color palettes, lighting and room layout, to furniture and fixtures, accessories, and décor.

Feng Shui Interior Décor Home Styling in Dubai ~ Drawing inspiration from the principles of Feng Shui we will redesign and enhance your home’s interiors and décor to create a harmonious and positive atmosphere that fits in beautifully with your lifestyle. We blend artistic style and functionality to create an environment that showcases your home’s best features and increases its value.

Photography Staging & Interiors Styling Services in Dubai ~ A picture is worth a thousand words. Our photography staging services will make sure your home’s photographs speak volumes by creating spaces they will want to live in with appealing and beautiful vignettes that spark emotional connections with potential buyers.

Virtual Staging Services ~ Make your home’s first impression count with our innovative virtual staging services. Utilizing video calling such as Skype or FaceTime, we conduct virtual in-home consultations that give you access to our design expertise no matter where you are, and provide you with detailed instructions on how to showcase your home or transform your vacant property into one that will motivate and inspire potential buyers.

Rental Furniture Arrangement and Shopping Services in Dubai ~ As part of our home staging and styling services, we often find that a property can greatly benefit from the addition of new pieces including furniture, lighting, and wall, window, or floor treatments. Sterling Home Styling can manage all aspects of the selection, delivery and installment of loaned furniture and accessories for your Dubai property. In addition, we also offer shopping services for hard to find items that will give your home that special touch that sets it apart from the rest.

The Sterling Home Styling Dubai process begins with listening to and meeting the needs and goals of our clients. To learn more about the services we offer by visiting the following links:

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