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Walk_in_closet_chandelierWhat does your closet look like right now? Do you have trouble finding clothes you want to wear? Does selecting outfits only frustrate you? Envision an uncluttered closet with all of your items neatly stored and outfits you can put together in seconds. You can have the closet you are imagining. Don’t underestimate the importance of closet organization. With a little effort, you can whip that wardrobe into shape and start saving time and money, and begin shopping your closet for stylish looks you never even knew you had! Are you ready to organize your wardrobe now? We’ll help you get started with some basic steps and tips on how to transform it into a working closet that will maximize your space and make the most of your wardrobe, with everything you need to put together an outfit right at your fingertips.

Step #1: Audit and Edit Your Wardrobe

Go through each item in your closet and decide if it stays or if it goes. Inventory everything you have including shoes, handbags and accessories and make a list of them.

Wardrobe Editing Tips

• As you go through your closet, evaluate each piece on size, fit, and style. Have you worn it in the last year? Ask yourself if you really need it. All good wardrobe clarifications begin with a purge. Don’t be afraid to toss it out or donate it.

• Open up additional closet space by storing seasonal and infrequently used items elsewhere.

• Your wardrobe is for clothing and accessories. Do not use your closet to store mementos and keepsakes.

Step #2: Start Organizing

Once you have edited your wardrobe, it is time to return your clothing to your closet an organized fashion. Begin by grouping all of your garments by color, then season, and next, by item (blouses, dresses, blazers, pants). Then organize your shoes and accessories in the same way. Next,

Organizing Tips


• Hanging rods installed at three different levels uses space more efficiently and allows you organize your clothing by length, from long dresses and coats to short skirts.

• Organizing your items by color lets you assess whether or not you have too much of one color. Too much black? Maybe it’s time to add a little color to your wardrobe.

• Store everything as visibly as possible. If you can’t see it, you are less likely to wear it.

Step #3: Enjoy Your New Closet!

Now that you know what you have to work with and it’s properly organized, you can begin to shop your new closet and put outfits together with your existing clothes as well as make a list of what you need to fill in any gaps in your wardrobe. Have fun, get creative and be your own stylist!

De-cluttering your wardrobe can be an overwhelming process. It may take some time, but an organized closet can make a world of difference, giving you more pride in your appearance and even increasing the value of your home. If you would like to know more about the possibilities of your wardrobe or want help sorting through the closet chaos, contact Sterling Home Styling about our Wardrobe and Closet Design Consultant services in Miami and LA. Let us help you explore customized options for your closet space.

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