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Foreign Investors From Russia and Brazil Ready To Cash Out Their Miami Investment Properties Will Benefit Even More From Home Staging

Investor Selling Miami Real Estate  | Sterling Home StylingAre You a Russian or Brazilian Interested in Selling Your Miami Real Estate Investment Property? Home Stage It to Sell!

Making a decision about whether or not it’s the right time to sell an investment property is never easy. Generally speaking, the longer that you hold on to your investment property, the more income it will generate for you. But with the recent devaluation of the Russian ruble and the economic slowdown in South American countries like Brazil and Venezuela, many foreign investors are beginning to wonder if it’s time to cash out.

If you own property in Miami, there is a very good chance that you have realized substantial gains on your investment, especially with the strength of the US dollar. If you want to be able to access those gains for other investments or needs, your timing is just right! In fact, RealtyTrac recently estimated that those who bought a mere 2 or 3 years ago could see a return of up to 43% on their investment if they sold now. You might be considering selling – or even already have your property listed – but before you do anything else, make sure your property is truly ready for today’s discerning investor.

Sterling Home Styling specializes in preparing real estate property for a quick sale in Miami through home staging. Whether it’s furnished or vacant, it’s important to present your home in the best light possible to stand out among the competition.

In order to realize the best return on your investment, potential buyers must be immediately wowed by the potential of your home. That’s where home staging comes in. It’s not just cleaning and organizing but an entire strategy based on the psychology of home buying and selling. We take everything into account from color schemes to furniture layout as well as all of the elements and principles of design, scale and proportion. We make sure every area of your home offers a functional capacity and perspective.

Our expert Miami home staging staff knows how to create an atmosphere that buyers can easily connect with emotionally. From setting a neutral tone to finding a balance between a range of decorating styles, Sterling Home Styling understands what it takes to appeal to the broadest audience. Our proven and successful property staging strategies are designed to make your home so attractive to potential buyers that they actually envision themselves living in there. With Sterling Home Styling, you can be assured that your home will draw immediate interest from serious buyers and investors who will be willing to pay top dollar for your staged property.

If you’re ready to sell but are concerned about the value of home staging, it takes only a brief look at recent statistics to see that it should be at the top of your to-do list. One recent study found that sellers who utilized the services of a professional home stager recovered over 343% of the cost when they sold their home. In addition, a survey of Realtors found that home staging typically provides a 586% return on investment with staged homes selling in about half the time of non-staged homes.

We’ve perfected the art of home staging and know exactly what will and won’t work in today’s Miami real estate market. Visit our website to learn more or schedule a consultation with one of our home stylists.

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