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Why is it Important to Home Stage a Multi- Million Dollar Property

Vacant / Non Staged Homes Sit on the Market Longer

Vacant / Non Staged Homes Sit on the Market Longer



Home staging a multi-million dollar property is vital to closing a sale.  A first impression is everything when it comes to selling anything and is especially important when selling a home for millions of dollars.  A multi-million dollar home can be difficult to sell even in a great seller’s market however in a buyer’s market it is essential for a home owner or realtor to pull out all the stops.  In order to gain an edge in today’s volatile real estate market a home must be priced accurately, and look better inside and out than the competition. A proven method to expedite the property sales process is known as “ home staging.”  Home staging is even more important during economic twist and turns. Staging a home to perfection and selling the home at or above the asking price is a must. A multi-million dollar home sitting on the market costs the owner and the realtor time and money.


 Three Important Facts About Home Staging


1. Staged homes sell 78% faster than un-staged homes. Studies show staged homes typically sell faster and for more money than empty homes. Hire a great home staging company like Sterling Home Styling that knows how to turn that multi-million dollar property into a home that sells fast and for top dollar. 94% of staged homes sold on average in one month or less and spent 80% less time on the market than those that were not staged.


2. Home staging is a smart investment and a cost-effective marketing tool for the realtor. It can be a deal-maker and sell a property for the best price in the shortest amount of time.


3. Home staging is very effective, it emphasizes a property’s strengths and minimizes the negatives.  It allows the home to be presented at it’s maximum potential. Staging a home tells the buyer the home is well-cared for and creates a positive first impression. It attracts the attention and appreciation of prospective buyers, and encourages them to consider how the property meets their requirements.


Home staging is necessary to help the future buyer see the beauty and the full potential of a home and goes beyond simply making sure that the home is sparkling clean. Home staging can be the difference between dreary and spectacular, or boring and exciting. A home stager’s job is to highlight the home’s best features, minimize negatives and make the house look and feel like a home. A well-staged home allows potential buyers to feel connected to the home, to visualize themselves living in the home and evoke the feelings of wanting to buy the home. In the case of million-dollar or more homes there are limited buyers – this can equate to tens of thousands of saved dollars in carrying costs. Staging rules apply for any home; however the main difference when preparing a luxury home for sale is that it is necessary to present and sell the “wow factor” of the home. A good home stager knows when to add new accessories or furniture to highlight the space, then play up or down certain features for successful showings. REAL ESTATE DEVELOPER + HOME STAGER = SOLD PROPERTIES!


About Sterling Home Styling


Sterling Home Styling combines image consulting with home staging, interior redesign and interior styling services to provide ‘sterling home styling’ services for residential spaces and new or vacant luxury condominiums, homes or real estate developments in MiamiNew YorkLos AngelesSan Francisco, and Dubai. The company offers a broad range of services enabling its clients to realize the true selling potential of their home, improve its marketability, and realize a maximum return on investment.